Oil Change

  • Tandem Tire offers many different types of oil changes for the various different types of vehicles. Please see your owner’s manual for the recommended schedule which normally is between 3-5,000 miles. This can help prevent premature engine wear and keep your oil free of any metal fragments.
  • Your vehicle’s engine depends on clean oil and filter to keep it running smoothly.
  • When you have an oil change done at Tandem Tire we also check the fluids and lube any available parts as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • When to change your oil:
    • Using the manufacturer’s recommendation.
    • If the check oil light is illuminated.
    • Check if the check engine light is on.
    • If your oil is grimy which could be from rough use or when used on dirty or dusty roads.
    • If you notice pinging, knocking or various other odd sounds are coming from your engine.
  • Typical oil change includes:
    • Draining and replacing the oil.
    • Replacing the oil filter.
    • Inspecting the air filter.
    • Checking and topping off fluids.
    • Lubricating all available grease fittings.
    • Checking belts and hoses for visible wear.
    • Inspecting tire air pressure and adjusting as necessary.
    • General examination of the undercarriage for visible signs of trouble.

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