• If you are experiencing any vibration of your vehicle while driving chances are it could be due to an issue with your driveline. Or, the disruption in the operating angles of your driveline.
  • The driveline of your vehicle takes the power generated by the engine and sends it to the wheels. The torque from that transmits to vehicle speed. Your driveshaft must be strong enough to bear stress while avoiding too much weight.
  • Here are ways Tandem Tire can help maintain the driveline of your vehicle:
    • Check and maintain the transmission fluid
    • When in for vehicle service, like tire rotation or wheel alignment, ask a Tandem Tire technician inspect your CV and universal joints for loss of lubricant or excessive movement.
    • Bring your vehicle in for a test drive for any noises or vibrations that take place during acceleration that could indicate a joint problem.

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