Sailun S606 EFT Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. SmartWay Verified Medium-Duty Truck and Bus Radial Steer/All-Position tire for both Metro/Urban Deliveries.


  • Symmetrical tread block design
  • Multi-sipes
  • Unique tread wall grooves
  • Stone ejectors
  • Extra deep tread pattern (21/32”) with special compound
  • Wide footprint and square shoulder design
  • EPA SmartWay Verified (certain sizes Non-EFT)


  • Promotes even wear and a square footprint
  • Improve traction in wet conditions and dissipate heat for prolonged tread life
  • Help reduce irregular wear and improve traction
  • Protect tire from stone drilling
  • For extended tread life
  • For improved stability and mileage
  • For lower rolling resistance and excellent fuel efficiency on highways


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