Toyo M149 Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck All-Position Super Single Radial tire Designed to Deliver Superior Wear Performance in Tough Operations from Urban Front Axles to Long-Haul Trailers.


  • Optimized profile
  • Six straight and stiff ribs
  • Five wide grooves with siping on ribs
  • Exceptional uniformity and balance
  • Wide steel-belt construction
  • High-stiffness bead filler
  • Toyo Truck Tire Limited Warranty and Casing Policy


  • Minimizes casing growth of the tread area for long wear life
  • Provide smooth wear and long life
  • Provide outstanding traction
  • Contribute to a smooth ride
  • Braces the tread area, improving durability, while high elongation top belt protects casing integrity
  • For improved sidewall durability


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